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As humans we're predispositioned to bounce back when the bottom falls out of life, and we're destined to show up even better and stronger than before - But many don't know how to activate the power of bouncing back in their lives.

The Bounce Back Like a Boss Jump-Start unlocks the secrets to:

  • Bounce back quickly from setbacks;

  • Cope with unfair developments in an effective way

  • Stay optimistic and positive during tough times

  • Transform misfortune into good fortune

  • The Down Low...

    The Bounce Back Like a Boss Jump-Start is a 5-day LIVE online event, starting November 2nd. It's full of breakthrough secrets from a new and never released course called the Bounce Back Like A Boss Intensive, scheduled for release November 9th , 2020. 

    The FREE Bounce Back Like a Boss Live Event will jump-start your hope, confidence, energy, and perspective. Here's what you can expect...


    Contains real, practical strategies, insight, and wisdom to easily transform setbacks into comebacks


    Breaks you out of frustration, discouragement, and disappointment and into the life you know you were meant to lead 

    Leads To Action

    Gets you (and others) out of your way on the road to your dreams and destiny

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    Meet Coach Dawn

    She turns Survivors into Thrivers, and she's your personal coach and guide on your Bounce Back Like a Boss journey! She's a master at turning setbacks into comebacks, and she can do it for you, too!

    First, Breakthrough

    Coach Dawn's a Thriver. She just is. Life is not taking her out. Period. It can throw most anything at her, and in the end she'll still be standing. She's went through hell and came back from the fiery pit again and again. Each time she came out stronger, more confident, and harder to take out than ever before. 

    For years she looked around and saw others struggling in their relationships, health, finances, and careers. Getting ahead for many seemed out of reach while she seemed to breeze through life’s obstacles without all of the drama and difficulty.

    Then, Overcome

    Not without challenges, but without quitting and without giving up her power. After every life event that knocked the wind out of her, she bounced back to a better place than she previously occupied. 

    She'll tell you she's not the sharpest tool in the shed, so why were others unable to rid their lives of the drama, squabbling, anxiety, depression, and financial difficulties that held them back like she had?

    And, Be Transformed

    At first Coach Dawn had no clue, so she dug, studied, and searched, and began to uncover traits, tools, and characteristics of Survivors and Thrivers. 

    She discovered how they coped with disruptive change, tapped into the will to survive, and gained strength from adversity. She unlocked the strategies that propelled them into success and confidence - and now she brings these powerful strategies to others and transforms Survivors into Thrivers!

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